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Initial situation

Intralogistics as a decisive success factor for the value creation of a company is subject to the requirement to function stably and to supply the operational areas within a company with material and goods quickly and in line with requirements. Often the requirement for this task is to manage the supply with the least possible human resources. In the worst case, specialist personnel are tied up with logistical activities and are therefore not available for the intended purpose. For example, an engineer who is supposed to monitor the operation of a machine has to travel 500 m to obtain the necessary materials.

Lingemann helps you to optimize intralogistics and increase production capacities.

Analysis by Lingemann

Since the beginning of 2017, we have been working with our customer, a global automotive supplier that is dedicated to providing new mobility solutions and technologies. At a production location in southwest Germany, our customer manufactures vehicle add-on parts, such as B. side skirts. They are completely painted and delivered just-in-sequence to various vehicle manufacturers. This is done partially already completed, including all assembly parts. A wide variety of components must be permanently available at over 24 assembly points, e.g. to supply production machines with clips and springs. As soon as the supply at the production sites ran out, the fitter had to leave his workplace and get supplies to the central high-bay warehouse. Depending on the situation and capacity utilization of the warehouse technology, this could mean a considerable delay of up to 20 minutes.

As a result of a comprehensive new production facility, many work processes were restructured and a completely new concept was developed especially for this project.


Lingemann had already been commissioned several years ago as a system supplier for the central supply of the production site with auxiliary and operating materials. To meet the requirements of the new project, it was necessary to set up a separate subsidiary. The financing of the previous service offers (including the establishment of a customer-specific warehouse on-site, daily delivery service to various cost centers, delivery and regular filling of dispensing machines, etc.) was not made through a service fee, but due to the predominant use of Lingemann's supplier base. This enabled us to realize existing trading margins based on our original trading activity.

This option did not exist in the new project, as all suppliers were determined in special selection processes or were even partially prescribed by the OEM end customers. Thus, the company's purpose is not to act as a trade, but to carry out logistics services on behalf of customers.

After the contract was awarded, several employees were hired who were qualified for their future activities in a joint process with the customer.

Operation and ongoing optimization

Today the fitter no longer has to leave his workplace. The required product components are brought directly to the assembly points by the colleagues from Lingemann Service GmbH daily. We can monitor the stocks via our automated BOOST system. Need-based stocking at the assembly stations does not mean a huge number of items on-site. The decisive factor is not to determine the demand based on a forecast, but rather based on actual consumption.

Measurable success

By being involved in the routine work preparation meetings of our customer, we not only receive weekly production planning but also always know of any spontaneous deviations and can therefore react at any time.

The storage area is approx. 3,500 m², additional full-time employees were hired. In addition to various storage and logistics services, the scheduling and the associated postings are no longer exclusively in our inventory management, but also the customer's SAP system.

Through the use of various technical solutions, for example through sensors,

Buttons and scanners, our employees are supported in their operational work. In a separate set up warehouse, Lingemann stores all articles according to the customer's specific requirements and delivers them daily to the cost centers in production using the FiFo principle and documented batch management.

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