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Delivery performance


Initial situation

The priority of purchasing is to ensure the security of supply and to guarantee production and delivery capability. The challenges are ever smaller quantities, a high number of variants, or same-day delivery promises that have to be met. The essential question is whether the competitors can deliver reliably.

Relevant marketplaces offer a huge range, but the ability to deliver is not always guaranteed. A high percentage of deliveries run smoothly, but there is still a risk that things will not work at the crucial moment.

Lingemann can change that! We measure ourselves by customer satisfaction and guarantee the highest delivery reliability.

Analysis by Lingemann

Ensuring our high delivery capacity in our product range catalogs begins with our purchasing association. Thanks to decades of close cooperation with the professional logistics of our trade association, the E/D/E in Wuppertal, we can enable a high level of product availability for our customers.

With a readiness to deliver, for example, 98% in the tool catalog, not only our customers but also we can reduce our stocks to a minimum without endangering their security of supply. For standard product groups such as occupational safety, office supplies, or tools, around 150,000 different items are stored in the highly automated ELC warehouse.


The delivery service is the core competence of E/D/E logistics. It was developed over the past 80 years and adapted to the needs of the market. Regardless of whether it is a case of replenishment to our warehouse or an urgent shipment directly to our end customers. With this solution, we can offer a proven delivery concept. Because in Germany, delivery is usually made in 24 hours and throughout Europe in 48 hours.

Of course, that data processing, from dispatch notifications to invoicing, is carried out electronically. The exact delivery dates are imported into our merchandise management system and transmitted to our customer advisors in order monitoring. As soon as a delivery date deviates, we will be informed and take care of a solution.

This also means that our customers' order information is transmitted electronically, thus ensuring that, for example, the order number is printed on the delivery paper. Thanks to the digital management of all orders, our customers can receive information about the entire order status at any time until delivery. This complete electronic documentation enables a high degree of traceability.

Operation and ongoing optimization

For the procurement of the office supplies product group, we use our partner Soennecken, who has been running one of the most modern logistics centers in the office supplies industry since 2009. Thanks to innovative technology, specially developed picking, packaging, and delivery concepts, intelligent storage systems, high-quality equipment, and tailor-made IT architecture, this service center meets the highest demands on flawless logistical processes.

Measurable success

In 2019 we were able to process 680,000 order items and 118,000 orders with an extremely low rate of complaints. In this way, we guarantee our customers automated ordering processes, which results in a reduction in process costs. And we offer our promise of the high security of supply included.

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