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Initial situation

Consumables such as occupational health and safety, tools, or spare parts with irregular requirements that cannot always be planned play an important role in the procurement of companies. If individual items, such as protective clothing or the right tools, are missing, it not only costs you and your employees a lot of time and money but also carries the risk of accidents.

Imagine, an urgent order has to be finished during this night shift and your employee needs a special spare part to get a failed machine going again. Due to unreported withdrawals, the required part is displayed in inventory management, but the storage compartment is empty.

Lingemann will be happy to help you avoid these problems.

Analysis by Lingemann

Our customer from Rhineland-Palatinate, whose core competence as a technology company lies in metal and plastics processing, was looking for this optimization. Especially C-parts with a high throughput rate have to be available at the right place and in the right quantity at all times. With the Lingemann automatic dispenser, our customer has an intelligent small parts warehouse that has the required material in stock at the right time and also triggers an automatic order when the inventory is running low.

Thanks to the dynamic storage system in the BOOST.Tower, a large number of different materials can be stored as required and even in small quantities. Also, there is integrated management of loan tools, since not only can the items be removed, but also re-storage or loan management. Lingemann has also developed a quick filling system that significantly shortens this process for our customers.


Our BOOST.Tower dispensing system combines the well-known advantages of common machine systems with advanced technologies and innovative software. The system can be expanded flexibly and combined with our IOT devices. Access via RFID can take place in a multi-layered authorization system. The representation of the product catalogs in the software can be used flexibly and intuitively. An important point is a connection to an existing ERP. Many machines only generate a standard CSV file here and complex interfaces have to be installed. Our BOOST.Tower can fall back on a wide variety of formats and usually use the existing interface.

Operation and ongoing optimization

In this customer project, 7 vending machines were used in the main plant in a wide variety of parts of the plant with over 70,000 withdrawal bookings p.a. A continuation or an expansion of the machine project is planned in the plant with 2,300 employees. The filling service is carried out around twice a week by trained Lingemann staff to guarantee a seamless supply of materials in the multi-shift plant.

Experience has shown that the machines can only be reliably filled via a buffer store. We coordinate the optimal disposition quantities with our customers individually and constantly monitor changes in demand to avoid possible excessive stocks or shortages.

The products withdrawn are calculated in a specially structured collective invoice at the end of the month in which the customer's cost centers and cost units are cumulatively listed.

Measurable success

Since the introduction of the electronic goods issue in 2015, our customer has been able to record a 20% lower consumption of stored materials. The booking is now automated and the routes taken by employees have been significantly reduced.

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