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Smart dispensers as part of the solution


Initial situation

Supplying the consumption points with auxiliary and operating materials within a factory site means a great deal of effort for companies. The stocking of most items in stock is often regulated via a central magazine. The disadvantage here is that many consumers have to cover a not inconsiderable distance to obtain new materials.

This is usually done using a stock that is created in a department or directly at the workplace. As an example, a package with 144 pairs of gloves is removed and booked in the magazine. Which employee used the products and how much inventory is actually in the departments is difficult to understand.

Due to the lack of transparency, follow-up processes such as scheduling cannot be carried out correctly.

Lingemann helps you to automate the warehouse.

Analysis by Lingemann

A challenge that all our customers face is that C-parts with a high throughput rate have to be available at the right place and in the right quantity at all times. With the integration of the BOOST.Tower from Lingemann, our customers have an intelligent small parts storage system that controls access to goods and manages disposition processes.

The BOOST.Tower enables the individual allocation of items that are only rarely needed so that the available space can be used optimally. Also, there is the integrated management of loan tools, as not only can they be removed, but also put back into storage. Lingemann has also developed a quick filling system that significantly shortens the refilling process.


After the RFID authentication, the goods are issued via intuitive menu navigation. The drum of the carousel system positions itself within a very short time and the front flap allows access to a single storage compartment. The traceability is guaranteed and the database for the disposition is flawless.

As soon as the stock falls below the minimum, the BOOST.Tower automatically triggers the order to the respective supplier and sends it via LTE or the company's internal network, as desired.

To be able to store as many products as possible in the BOOST.Tower, the compartment sizes up to 20x20 cm are put together individually. Also, up to 5 drawers are available for rental items. If a product is too big for the machine, the key can be stored for the corresponding storage locations such as cabinets or containers. This ensures the logging of product withdrawals that no longer fit in the tower.

We offer our customers a full service, from installation to staff training and the evaluation of withdrawals to refilling.

Operation and ongoing optimization

Lingemann operates around 30 installations across Europe, which include up to 8 machines on one factory site. At its peak, a machine transfers over 2500 withdrawal bookings per month.

An automatic filling service is carried out 1-2 times a week as required and is carried out by specially trained Lingemann staff. From our point of view, the filling service plays a decisive role: As soon as the machine is not filled regularly and correctly, and the user repeatedly cannot take out what is needed, acceptance suffers considerably.

Measurable success

Our dispenser projects are very successful to this day. After the pilot phase, it usually didn't stop with the first BOOST.Tower. Many customers have decided to implement additional installations in their plants. Due to the improved transparency of the consumption figures, it was possible to increase cost control and reduce consumption. Partly at percentages that none of the participants had expected. The entire management of the products in the dispenser works more reliably, the availability of critical articles is ensured and the colleagues save themselves the walking to the magazine.

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