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Since November 2020 we will offer digital innovations to touch and try out. In our showroom in Brühl (in the Cologne Bay), specific projects and developments are presented with interactive exhibits and presentations. Our focus is on the digitization and automation of production and procurement processes.

With the new “Procurement Future” showroom, we would like to show you new standards in digital product presentation. In cooperation with our Berlin partner company, Garamantis Interactive Technologies, a multimedia showroom has been created in which you can immerse yourself in the digital world of procurement systems and put your processes to the test using model concepts.

The heart of the showroom is a multi-touch table that is networked with a screen wall and Lingemann's IoT solutions. Thanks to an integrated people sensor, you can proactively enter into a dialogue with the table and receive the latest product information. via playful, simple touch interaction can be explored interactively activities in Europe and industry trends.

Another component of the showroom is the networked BOOST.Tower dispenser. The Tower, which is manufactured by us, can make material available within a production hall at the push of a button. The connection to the intelligent order system enables the Tower not only to analyze consumption but also to place orders automatically and in real-time. Convince yourself of the intuitive menu navigation and take parts live from the dispenser and experience how the BOOST.Tower automatically requests new goods from the logistics center within seconds via radio waves.

To be able to equip you best for digitization, we would also like to introduce you to the digital modules of the Boostrack order system. When developing this product range, we made sure that smaller departments, branch plants, or administrative departments can also be supplied with the necessary products. With the world's smallest patented output system, the BOOST.Box, you can trigger your requirements in the "Procurement Future" with a click on the BOOST.button and watch how the BOOST.sensor detects and tracks changes in the fill levels just-in-time. All of this is made possible by the central interface, the BOOST.station, which uses high-performance storage and management software.

We were able to arouse your interest and now you would like to find out how you can make your processes digital and more cost-efficient?



The heart of the anthracite room is the multi-touch scanner table, which is coupled to a 6 x 55-inch screen wall


Another highlight of the showroom is the integration of the smart C-parts dispensing system.

User Interface

The highly responsive multi-touch software with a futuristic design enables interaction between visitor, application, and screen wall.


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Garamantis develops and implements interactive showrooms and brand worlds for companies worldwide. A holistic concept and state-of-the-art technologies transport the content directly into the minds and hearts of the target group.

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