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Applications instead of paper towers



Initial situation

Scanners are standard equipment in the warehouse as well as in logistics. Starting with the incoming deliveries to the general goods registration, thousands upon thousands of people in this country use scanning systems every day. Mobile data acquisition can take up valuable time depending on the scanner type, application scenario, and scope of goods. A combination of app and finger ring scanner gives you and your employees a large part of this time.

The disadvantage of the usual hand-held scanner devices is that the current work steps have to be interrupted for scanning. In terms of the individual process, this does not take much time. However, calculated on the total volume of the processes, there is a notable effect. Modern scanning solutions can be used with our BOOST system and, ideally, your hands remain free.

Analysis by Lingemann

In every company, there are storage areas that are not inventory-managed in the ERP system. The production or consumable materials stored there must, however, be in stock and procured in the same way as those with a material number. Existing technical solutions for inventory management are often geared to the process in the merchandise management system and cannot be operated as a "stand-alone system". We have developed a special app for such areas of application, which, in combination with a finger ring scanner, offers a simple and inexpensive solution. Our apps run on all common smartphones and offer various material management functions, such as removal, refilling, or inventory.

With the combination of a finger-ring scanner and smartphone with an arm mount, your hands are free. After the colleagues go to the warehouse to store the goods anyway, the requirements can be recorded in one process and you save valuable time.


Our app differs significantly from the usual scanning process. The order parameters can already be stored in the QR code. The order items are recorded with one click. The information generated is retrieved from the server and displayed on the smartphone. This enables you to ensure that your entry is correct at a glance. Also, the process can be completed without any action on the smartphone.

For us, there must be no media breaks for our customers in this process, which is why we offer flexible further processing options. These range from a simple BANF e-mail to the purchasing department to interfaces to SRM or ERP systems. The management software is a multi-supplier system and the database can be easily synchronized with the main systems. A separate process can therefore be stored for each supplier. The rolling bearings are procured through purchasing, the adhesive is ordered directly from the supplier via EDIFACT, and the orders from the glove supplier are entered into the ERP system. With our flexible interface, we create exactly the format required to use existing structures and thus save high implementation costs.

Operation and ongoing optimization

In addition to the technical solution, Lingemann offers a range of services. At the top, the process can be such that you no longer have to worry about procurement and transport to the point of use. The required materials are ready for use and you can concentrate fully on your production.

It is important to us that our solution is precisely tailored to your individual needs. We have various technical systems, storage, procurement, and logistics structures ready for you.

Measurable success

A notable success is that the employees gain capacity by simplifying and accelerating work steps. This enables us to make the complex data acquisition work more pleasant and ensure correct data acquisition.

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