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Initial situation

The workwear market is like a jungle of good products with different quality features. Many companies have to struggle with the challenge that after the long search for the optimal work clothing, it turns out to be disappointing in terms of the service life of the product or its practical suitability. Mostly it has a bad fit, shows signs of wear and tears too soon or, for example, the clothing simply has poor knee cushions that do not offer the supportive effect that is expected. Many things can be a problem and especially if you spend most of the working day on your knees, for example, the knee cushions must be also properly seated.

Lingemann has a solution for this too.

Analysis by Lingemann

Our customer, who has been pursuing his core competence as a technology company in the field of metal and plastics processing since 1958, has already been supplied by Lingemann with work safety products such as gloves, work shoes, and protective clothing in the past.

During the production of plastic packaging, heat is generated that requires a higher percentage of cotton in protective clothing. This prompted our customers to advertise clothing with higher cotton content, because the clothing of a competitor, which had been in use for a long time, was too uncomfortable in warm surroundings and was unable to absorb any moisture.

The requested fabric is rather uncommon in the German industry, as the work clothes are usually washed under a rental washing system. Therefore, a higher proportion of synthetic fibers is usually used, which our customer wanted to avoid.


We started looking for a suitable fabric and clothing manufacturer in Germany and subsequently abroad. After an unsuccessful search at our established manufacturers in Germany, we came across one of the larger cotton-growing areas in Europe: Turkey. Here we were able to win an innovative and flexible manufacturer for the project.

Our customer wanted to convince himself directly and asked for some employees to be equipped for a wearing test, which could be carried out without further ado by producing a small series in Turkey. Since the feedback was very good, around 1700 employees were subsequently dressed up by Lingemann.

Operation and ongoing optimization

Despite the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic, the order was completed on schedule. The work clothes are individually designed corporate fashion for the customer, in which all details have been discussed and adjusted.

In addition to the occupational safety equipment that had been supplied for years, Lingemann was also able to pack this delivery into individual equipment packages for the around 1700 employees and deliver them on time.

Measurable success

The volume of this project is extraordinary. Around two articulated lorries with goods were divided into 1,700 individual shipments. According to our customer's order lists, each employee receives an individual delivery. Each shipment is in turn delivered to the individual plants according to specifications. This process took a few weeks.

Case Study (PDF)

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