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Initial situation

Many companies rely on SRM systems and e-procurement platforms to make procurement processes more efficient. Regardless of whether an SRM is used or the purchasing processes are handled in inventory management, the management of the article data is a decisive factor.

The challenge now is to cover the customer's needs to the greatest possible extent with catalogs of preferred sources. Otherwise, the purchasing department continues to be confronted with the situation that the number of daily requirement requests takes up a large part of the capacity.

In the past, catalogs were often provided through static data records, which meant a high administrative effort and also had significant disadvantages in terms of topicality and information content.

Lingemann provides you with an individual and coordinated range via OCI or cXML connection.

Analysis by Lingemann

Connecting a webshop via OCI or cXML is no longer a challenge these days. Nevertheless, the product data must be set up to meet the requirements of our customers. This includes classifications such as eClass or UNSPSC, if necessary internal product groups, the adjustment of quantity and order units, and also the shortening of article texts - without complicating the check-in incoming goods. The larger the range, the more extensive the task.

From the point of view of the purchasing department, there is another aspect to consider. On the one hand, you want to provide users with as many of their requirements as possible, on the other hand, it is important to keep control over sources of supply and purchasing activities. A frequently asked question is: How can you ensure that a supplier does not simply change prices or add unmatched products to the catalog?


Lingemann does not just connect its webshop. For each customer project, we set up a separate account with a separate range. In this, we create an individual customer catalog that only contains the defined products with the agreed prices. Also, we have many other product ranges that are coordinated and documented with purchasing in a selection list.

In order not to increase the proportion of necessary requirements, we have developed a special process. Products that are not included in the catalog range can be requested directly from Lingemann using a form in the webshop - or simply free text by e-mail. We take over the research, create the article and supplier if necessary and send an offer to the user and of course to the purchasing department for a sample check. We then load the products into a temporary catalog as a new item.

The BANF has been processed, the purchasing department had no effort and the order runs in the normal process.

Operation and ongoing optimization

To be able to offer this service to our customers who use systems like ARIBA or Coupa, we commissioned our provider Onventis in 2018 to implement the cXML interface. Since then we have been able to implement several projects.

In the course of a customer request, we expanded our webshop to display stock levels in the individual catalog. The article stocks of the consignment warehouse can be displayed in ARIBA via web service.

We are currently integrating our BOOST inventory management into the ARIBA process and can automatically create the withdrawals from the warehouse in the system.

Measurable success

Once the interfaces have been set up, administrative activities are largely eliminated and the catalogs are always up to date. With Lingemann you have 100% control of the range and control standardization projects in a targeted manner.

Thanks to the inquiry process, it is also possible to cope with a large part of the requirements without any effort in purchasing and creating new suppliers.

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