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Successfully into the future with E-Procurement


IT Systems

Initial situation

The introduction of an e-procurement system is a real challenge for IT departments and purchasing. After all technical details have been clarified, such as interfaces to the ERP and process integration, the onboarding of the sources of supply and the selection of the catalog ranges take place. Not to be forgotten are the testing and the workshops with the relevant departments.

The real work begins when the preparations are complete. The new procurement processes are being rolled out and, after a short training session, the employees are to order their requirements using the new system.

Whenever a familiar process is changed, problems arise, questions arise, and only too often dissatisfaction arises. That means a lot of work and pressure for those responsible for the project: We are happy to support you!

Lingemann has been your reliable partner for successful e-procurement for 15 years.

Analysis by Lingemann

In 2019, Lingemann was honored at the Onventis Xchange Conference, as an exhibitor and silver partner, with the Loyalty Award for 15 years of successful and trusting cooperation. At an early stage, we helped design and license web service interfaces, apps, and cXML interfaces in our industry. We look back on over 100 system implementations that we have successfully implemented with our customers. Many functions, such as budgeting based on cost center and cost type, multi-level approval procedures with substitute regulations, or the management of PSP elements, have been expanded over the years.

We also have solutions available for customers who already operate an SRM system. In addition to the Onventis procurement software, Lingemann has set up accounts on over 10 platforms, including ARIBA, Coupa, and BeNeering, and imported individual catalogs for our customers or linked a punchout.


In project preparation, it is important to find the best way for our customers. In some cases, it makes sense to adapt the internal processes to the software. Often, however, an option should be found to map proven processes in the software. Here we are happy to assist you with our experience from comparable projects.

It is important to create acceptance. An ordering system is only successful if it is used consistently and represents real added value for the user. We offer training courses, information flyers, and step-by-step instructions for our customers. The best ordering system has zero effect if at the end of the day you pick up the phone again or the printed BANF is sent to purchasing. In the end, constant project support makes the difference.

Operation and ongoing optimization

The ordering system is an important and significant component of the Lingemann concept, which we not only advise but also accompany and promote in daily doing. In our experience, questions and uncertainties keep coming up which can make working with ordering systems difficult. We attach great importance to the fact that the users are optimally supported.

It is often not easy for administrators to manage additional software that is not used daily. Frequent adjustments such as user creation, maintenance of cost centers, or catalog authorization are described in detail in step-by-step instructions. Our helpdesk team is at your side with advice and action for questions and requirements that go beyond this and can also be complex under certain circumstances.

Measurable success

Lingemann always examines the entire process. We look behind the scenes and uncover optimizations not only in purchasing, accounting, production, in the warehouse, in logistics, but also incoming goods and the availability of goods at upstream suppliers.

The best ordering system is no relief when the employee has to leave his workplace to record a purchase requisition on a monitor at the other end of the factory hall. Also, no ordering system or marketplace alone can ensure that critical spare parts are always available in stock. We are your strong partner for eProcurement solutions, with the plus that we look for and find the optimal way for you outside of the pure software.

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